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How Tall Is Dillon Peters?

Dillion Peters is 1.8 m tall.


Dillon Peters, a 28-year-old lefty from Triple-A Indianapolis, has been promoted to the Pittsburgh Pirates. In Triple-A, Peters has pitched in five games, both as a starter and as a reliever.

 Dillon Peters
Dillon Peters

On July 19th, the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired Dillon Peters from the Los Angeles Angels in exchange for monetary considerations.

Over 12 innings of work in Triple-A, Peters was 1-0 with a 1.50 ERA, 4 hits allowed, 6 walks, and 15 strikeouts. The former 10th-round choice is improving with the Pirates, but his Major League stats are an embarrassment.

With the Pittsburgh Pirates, Peters appears to have a chance to resurrect his career. The Pirates are going to recall Peters, according to Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

This is fantastic news for the Pittsburgh Pirates, whose bullpen was sold at the trade deadline and is in desperate need of relief help not only this season but also next year.

Given Peters’ MLB experience, acquiring him was a risk, but he hasn’t had a meaningful shot to perform outside of his 2019 season with the Angels, in which he appeared in 17 games.

His ERA was 5.38 during that season, and he went 4-4 with 72 innings pitched and 55 strikeouts.

During his stay in Indianapolis, Peters only allowed four hits, two of which were home runs, the only runs he allowed. Peters has thrown a lot of fastballs, averaging 4.2 pitches per plate appearance and 17.08 pitches per inning.

Peters’ pitching repertoire includes a fastball, slider, curveball, and changeup. Since 2019, he’s used his changeup a lot more, and it appears to be working for him in the minors.

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