What Is Willie Calhoun Salary: How Much Does Willie Calhoun Make?

Calhoun revealed that he has asked the Rangers to move him. He claims that he has been wanting to do this for a long time and that he requires a change of environment.

Given that he disagrees with the Rangers’ opinion that he needs to improve his swing and return to being the player he was in 2019, there are apparent philosophical differences.

Willie Calhoun
Willie Calhoun

When it comes to these trade demands, there is just one issue. Other clubs might be interested in bringing Calhoun on board, but that seems doubtful at this point.

After all, he’d have to produce at a somewhat higher pace than a wet sock for that to be true.

Over the last three years, this has not been the case. Calhoun’s performance was underwhelming. In 445 plate appearances, he hit 223/.288/.339 with eight home runs and 15 doubles.

The statistical evidence contradicts someone who claims to be a line drive doubles hitter and hence does not need to change his swing.

His demise has undoubtedly been aided by injuries. Calhoun cracked his jaw after Julio Urias drilled him in the face in spring training in 2020.

After being hit by a pitch by Kris Bubic, he missed time in 2021 with a fractured forearm. Perhaps his difficulties are more psychological than physical.

Calhoun might be a target for a team looking to buy low. He was a former top prospect who was traded for Yu Darvish. Even yet, he has done nothing in the last three years to demonstrate that he is worth giving up anything for.

How Much Does Willie Calhoun Make?

Willie Calhoun makes an annual average salary of $1,300,000