Matt Olson Height: How Tall is Matt Olson?

Matthew Kent Olson is professionally called Matt Olson in baseball. He currently plays for the Atlanta Braves baseball team as a first baseman. He is the wearer of the number 28 Jersey.

Matt was born to Scott and Lee Olson in Atlanta, Georgia on March 29, 1994. He grew up and had his high school baseball career in Georgia at Parkview High School in Lilburn. There, he played as both a pitcher and a first baseman and even led the team to win state championships in 2011 and 2012.

When he completed high school, he gained admission into Vanderbilt University but he decided to begin professional baseball after he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the first round of the 2012 Major League Baseball(MLB) draft.

He signed with the Athletics and made his professional debut in the 2012 baseball season whiles playing for the Arizona League Athletics. In September 2016, Matt was called up to the majors by the Athletics.

The Athletics traded him to the Atlanta Braves in March 2022 after which he was made to sign an 8-year contract extension of $168 million. This contract came as the largest contract in team history.

Matt Olson Height: How Tall is Matt Olson?

Matt Olson has a standing height of 1.96 m.