Liover Peguero Contract, Salary and Net Worth

The Pirates wanted to make sure they obtained some high-end talent when they traded Starling Marte before the 2020 season, even if it meant waiting for a return on their investment.

They found it with the D-backs, moving the All-Star outfielder to Arizona in exchange for right-hander Brennan Malone and Peguero, who had signed for $475,000 in July 2017 and was coming off a sensational Rookie league debut in 2019.

Liover Peguero
Liover Peguero

Peguero was challenged in ’21 with a trip to High-A, where he was the regular shortstop of a playoff team and roughly three years younger than his contemporaries in the league after he opened a lot of eyes at the Pirates’ alternate training camp in 2020.

Peguero, a right-handed batter, frequently demonstrates the ability to hit the ball with great exit velocities and premium bat speed, giving him the potential to become a strong hitter in the future.

He’s getting stronger as he gets older, and he could have at least average power if he can find out who he is as a hitter.

He can be overly eager and try to do too much in each at-bat, but as the 2021 season progressed, he improved in terms of consistency from AB to AB.

Peguero is a strong runner who has demonstrated his ability to steal bases and uses his speed to cover a lot of ground at shortstop, a position he should be able to play in the long haul.

He’ll play all of 2022 at the age of 21, and the Pirates are anxious to see him continue to bond with his future double-play partner, Nick Gonzales.

Liover Peguero Contract

Liover Peguero signed a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates, which includes a $475,000 yearly average pay.

Liover Peguero’s Salary and Net Worth

Liover Peguero makes an annual salary of $475,000 and he is worth over $500,000 to $1,000,000