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Trevon Wesco was claimed off waivers by the Chicago Bears from the New York Jets. Since Wesco joined the New York Jets in 2019, he has seen both the team’s success and its failures under the direction of Adam Gase.

Wesco remained with the Chicago Bears for a while after the departure of numerous players from the Matt Nagy era, but the franchise has already turned the page.

How the team intends to utilize Wesco will be something that will be quite interesting to watch. His adaptability was one of his best qualities in college. It seemed as though he had combined the roles of fullback and tight end.

Wesco’s percentage of fullback snaps with the New York Jets is 27.5%. Before, he was primarily used as a tight end (65.6 percent of his snaps) and occasionally saw action (6.9 percent of the time) as a wide receiver.

In other words, Wesco can play fullback, but there is no necessity for him to do so. Considering that the team’s best tight end possibilities are Cole Kmet and Ryan Griffin, Wesco is far more important than the real tight ends.

With N’Keal Harry now on injured reserve, it was thought that James O’Shaughnessy, who had previously been released, may make a comeback. Actually, they moved Tajae Sharpe to the IR and inserted Wesco into the position they ostensibly had in mind for O’Shaughnessy. If that’s the case, you should expect to play more as a tight end and use your fullback skills just in case of need.

However, the ability to switch Blasingame to tight end and Wesco to fullback may be worth a look at the configuration if it causes the opposition to use a timeout. Either way, it enriches the tight end group by providing greater variety and depth.