Francisco Lindor Parents: Meet Miguel Lindor And Maria Serrano

He smiles perpetually hence his nickname “Mr.Smile”. Besides being a four-time All-Star, Francisco has other long awards lists, including Gold Gloves, a Platinum glove, and two Silver Sluggers. He’s one of the best baseball players in the MLB and doesn’t go off any interview without mentioning his parents. Today we take a look at Francisco Lindor‘s parents.

Francisco Lindor

Francisco’s father Miguel Angel Lindor

Miguel Angel Lindor is the father of Francisco Lindor. He hails from Puerto Rico. However, there isn’t much background information about his early life. Stories about him start from his marriage to Francisco’s mother, their divorce, and his dedication to his children.

Francisco Lindor with father Miguel Lindor

Until the date, no one knows what led to him divorcing the woman who bore him 4 adorable children. However, he never let this situation hinder the care of his children, especially Francisco.

He moved from Puerto Rico to the USA to support his son Francisco’s baseball career. He discussed it with his ex-wife Maria, who was also in favor of this decision. He enrolled Francisco at Monteverde Academy school, which was renowned for its athletic program, and this commenced Francisco’s training to stardom.

Miguel started teaching fundamental baseball skills to his son at the age of 4. He would hit him with ground balls from the top of the field, and Francisco, standing down the slope, would attempt to field them. After his divorce from Maria, he made arrangements for Francisco to move to the USA later in life to live with him and his new family until Francisco was called up in the 2011 MLB Draft by the Cleveland Indians.

Francisco, Miguel’s son, credits him with being hard-driving teaching him the game, and instilling the mantra — “be consistent” — on and off the field, and he is ever grateful for that from his father.

Miguel as described by Francisco is a hardworking man. Stubborn, competitive, but humble. He believes in the “action speaks louder than words”, motion and always encourages that from his son Francisco. He is his son’s strongest critic, as Francisco once said in an interview: “People can boo me, people can scream at me, people can criticize me and say a bunch of different things to me, but the hardest critiques I’ve taken from my life have come from my dad. Until now, it’s the one that affects me the most. It’s not fans, it’s not teammates, it’s not coaches. It’s my dad.”

Miguel’s occupation and net worth are not known to the public.

Of all of these Francisco’s achievements, his mother is the happiest person. Though she had always felt her son was a good player, she didn’t see her son accomplishing this much instantly. There was some level of dedication and patience and sacrifice. Let’s take a look at Maria Serrano.

Francisco’s mother Maria Serrano

Maria Serrano

Maria is often seen supporting and cheering her son Francisco in the fields. She is Francisco’s biggest supporter, for which Francisco is always grateful.

Maria Serrano is in her late 60, so we can say she was born somewhere between 1950 to 1960, but the exact date of birth is not on record. Her birthplace is Puerto Rico. She is a Christian. The parents of Maria Serrano are not known.

Maria was married to Miguel Angel Lindor and had Four children with him(2 sons & 2 daughters) before their divorce. There’s no academic record on or about her. She stands 5’6″ (168 cm) tall and weighs 102 kg. Her current Residency is in Orlando, America. Cooking is Maria’s hobby and her favorite food is Lasagna. Maria is a Homemaker and that has been her official occupation for a long. She speaks Spanish and English. Maria Serrano’s Net worth is unknown.