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The New England Patriots, according to the latest rumors, will have a real competition for the quarterback position once training camp begins.

When that news came out, many people were taken aback, but the fact that youngster Mac Jones hadn’t signed his rookie agreement stood out like a sore thumb.

No way could the Patriots’ first-round pick compete with Cam Newton in his debut season if he wasn’t signed to a contract.

Mac Jones
Mac Jones

Fortunately, that concern is now moot, as Jones signed a four-year, $15.59 million contract on Tuesday, putting an end to the saga.

With a signing bonus of just under $8.7 million and a cap hit of $2.8 million in 2021, this contract has a lot going for it. It is completely guaranteed, has a fifth-year option, and a lot of other perks.

If Jones develops into a serviceable starting quarterback, as reported by Ben Volin of The Boston Globe, then the Patriots will have gotten a great deal.

As a result of this trade, Jones will have around three weeks to get ready for training camp without the stress of his contract looming over his head.

New England supporters may have been left wondering why an agreement wasn’t struck sooner, but it’s possible that Jones’ agent was just testing the waters. Only Bears star Justin Fields had previously signed his rookie contract as a first-round shooter.

Mac Jones Contract

The New England Patriots and Mac Jones agreed to a four-year, $15,586,352 deal that included an $8,695,528 signing bonus and $15,586,352 in guarantees.

Mac Jones Salary

Mac Jones makes an average of $3,896,588 per year. Jones’ base salary in 2022 will be $1,368,471, and his cap hit will be $3,542,353.

Mac Jones Net Worth

Mac Jones makes his income from playing for the Patriots in the NFL. His current net worth is $10 million dollars

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