Caleb Baragar Scouting Report

Caleb Baragar (born April 9, 1994) is an American professional baseball pitcher in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. He pitched in college baseball for Jackson College and Indiana University. Baragar was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the ninth round of the 2016 MLB draft. He made his MLB debut in 2020.
Rank History

Year Team Position Team Rank OFP
2021 Mid CHC RHP 21 45
2021 SF RHP 37 35

Grades Update: Apr 2021

OFP Role FB CT CB CH Cnt/Cmd
35 30 55 45 50 45 45/40



Age: 24 yr
Height: 6-4
Weight: 180 lbs
Hits/Throws: R/R
Acquired: 2019 Round 8
RuleV: 2022

Physical Description: Tall and lanky frame on the mound. Has added good size to his upper half; broader shoulders and a more defined chest area. Long legs and limbs highlight his lower half. Solid size and height, near full maturity.

Mechanics: Shortened three-quarter delivery from the right side. Pitches above the letters; create good extension and momentum high left leg kick. Over-the-top release point; clean delivery with little hiccups. Locates well and hits his spots.

Fastball: Low-to-mid 90s offering that continues to add velocity. Sits 92-94 and touches 96-97 seldomly. Good feel for his fastball with subtle spin and run. Lacks swing-and-miss results, but creates soft contact. Above-average pitch in his arsenal. Grade: 55

Cutter: Recently adopted cutter that is still a bit behind in development. Sits 87-89 and reaches the low-90s. Rarely thrown in any count. Show signs of solid, tight spin against righties. Can play well off his fastball. Needs more reps and consistency. Grade: 45

Curveball: Low-70s curveball that shows signs of improvement. Sits 72-75 with inconsistent 12-6 depth and break. Good drop out of the zone lacks consistency. Gets loopy within his delivery. Commands it well, and stands out amongst his off-speed stuff. Grade: 50

Control and Command: Show a good feel for all four pitches. Stays heavy on his fastball-curveball combo. Mixes in his changeup. Has solid command low and away. Pitches comfortably from the stretch. Gets away with several hittable pitches. Lacks strikeout stuff, and struggles to put opposing batters away. Control: 45 | Command: 40

Overall: Kilian has a solid feel for his arsenal, but his stuff needs to improve. He improved his fastball velocity with added weight to his frame. His curveball remains a solid off-speed offering, while his changeup and cutter are still a bit behind it in development. He has the size to fill in as an occasional backend starter, but his ceiling doesn’t point to much more.

OFP: 35
Role: 30 – Up/Down Emergency Depth
Risk: Moderate