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Patrick Queen is known to be a football middle linebacker in the National Football League who plays for the Baltimore Ravens. Patrick Queen was born on August 13, 1999, in Ventress, Louisiana in the United States. He was known to have played college football at Louisiana State University.

His early life experience as far as National Football League is concerned saw him being a linebacker and a running back. Patrick was as well part of Livonia High School’s 2014 state championship. He was able to record a rush figure of 1,487 in the year 2016 with 19 touchdowns on offense and 66 tackles. He was known to have received his first team honors when he participated in the 2014 National Combine.

After Making an impressive run at the college level, with a regular season result of 69 tackles in all. Patrick was named Defensive MVP of the 2020 National Championship tournament. Patrick Queen commenced his professional career with the Baltimore Ravens when he was selected in the first round of the 28th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft. He remains with them up till now.

How many tackles did Patrick Queen have?

Patrick Queen who plays for the Baltimore Ravens is said to have recorded 204 tackles in his entire career as of 2021 with 5.0 sacks.