What Is Roansy Contreras Salary: How Much Does Roansy Contreras Make?

The Pittsburgh Pirates got a great prospect package for Jameson Taillon, and it’s becoming better by the game.

Roansy Contreras, a right-handed pitcher acquired in the transaction, has been exceptional at Double-A Altoona. When should he be promoted to the next level?

Roansy Contreras
Roansy Contreras

Contreras has thrown 27.2 innings so far this season. His ERA is 1.63, FIP is 1.82, and WHIP is 0.76.

Contreras has a 40.4 percent strikeout rate and only a 5.8 percent free pass percentage. He’s also only given up one home run, for an HR/9 rate of 0.33.

Contreras has a 47.1 percent ground ball rate and a 2.39 xFIP. Since 2019, all of these have vastly improved. In his final professional season, he only struck out 21.1 percent of the time and walked 40.1 percent of the time.

His strikeout-to-walk ratio has improved from a respectable 3.14 to an exceptional 7.0.

His numbers have improved, but so has the quality of his work. In 2019, his four-seam fastball averaged 92-94 mph, but it’s currently closer to 96-98 mph.

With 2400 RPM, it already had an above-average spin. His four-seamer is likely viewed as a 60-70 grade offering today, based on his spin from last season’s pitching in the minors and his velocity from this season.

His breaking ball has improved significantly, and his changeup has developed into an above-average third pitch.

How Much Does Roansy Contreras Make?

Roansy Contreras earns a salary of $700,000.