Tejay Antone Height: How Tall Is Tejay Antone?

How Tall Is Tejay Antone?

Tejay Antone stands at a height of 1.93 m


Tejay Antone has been placed on the disabled list by the Cincinnati Reds due to soreness in his right forearm.

C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic was the first to break the news of this development earlier today.

However, even though he warmed up to enter a game this past week, Antone, who last pitched on Sunday, did not appear in it.

Last night, he was unable to play, but we didn’t find out until after the game had over. We now have an explanation for this.

To be fair, the squad is hoping for a short-term return to fitness. Rosecrans is stating that they are optimistic. Since the relocation was retroactive to June 8th, it may only be eight days.

As of Friday afternoon, manager David Bell remarked, “I’m extremely sure that he’ll be back in whatever it is, 7 or 8 days – his first day of eligibility to come off is.” “I’m really confident.”

Keeping an eye on it is all we’re trying to do. It was never a problem that prevented him from pitching. However, there came a time when it made sense to be ahead of the curve.

We’d do the same thing with any of our guys in this situation. I’m sure he’ll be back next week,” I said.

It couldn’t have arrived at a worse time for Cincinnati. Antone is the only bullpen pitcher who has proven consistent.

There are few people who can claim to be as reliable as he has. The Cincinnati Reds bullpen ERA is 6.58 for pitchers other than Tejay Antone.

Reds relief pitchers are expected to pitch roughly four innings in a game, which means the Reds bullpen gives up an average of two runs each game.

A replacement for Tejay Antone may not be readily trusted by manager David Bell and pitching coach Derek Johnson.

This season’s bullpen has been a mess, and if such players existed, they would have already been in Cincinnati.

Using the Louisville Bats Triple-A rotation as a short-term bullpen solution is viable. Sonny Gray was placed on the injured list earlier this week after he left his start in the fourth inning with a groin issue.

One of those pitchers is anticipated to start Sunday in Cincinnati to fill in for him.

The Reds have decided not to make a similar roster move today, which is an extremely dubious decision. There is a chance that the Rockies will be able to take advantage of a man short for tonight’s game.

Tony Santillan has replaced Sonny Gray as the starting pitcher for Sunday’s game. Aristides Aquino could be activated by the team on Sunday as well.

To play without using the entire squad, especially the bullpen, when the bullpen has done so well, would necessitate a lot of roster changes in a short amount of time.