What Team Is Timmy Horne On: What Is Timmy Horne Jersey Number?

Timmy Horne is a professional football player with the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. The defensive tackle is he. He is 147 kg in weight and 1.96 meters tall. He participated in sports while attending Anson High School in North Carolina. As a junior in high school, he has 2.0 sacks in addition to 22 tackles.

As a sophomore, he has 17 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and two forced fumbles. He participated in four seasons of collegiate football at the University of North Carolina with the Charlotte 49ers from 2016 to 2020. After moving to Kansas State, he spent one season playing for the Wildcats.

By the time he completed his college studies at Charlotte, he had made 101 total tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 2.0 sacks, and two passes were intercepted. 50 games, 30 of which he started, were played for Kansas State. He had 121 total stops during the season, 17 tackles for a loss, 4.0 sacks, and three forced fumbles.

Timmy Horne

In 2021, he participated in 12 games for Kansas State and recorded 20 tackles overall, three tackles for loss, 2.0 sacks, and one recovered fumble. He was selected for the Conference USA team in 2020. After the 2022 NFL Draft, Horne signed a non-drafted free agent contract with the Atlanta Falcons on April 30, 2022. He was a part of the final 53-man roster for the next season after training camp.

What Is Timmy Horne Jersey Number?

Timmy Horne wears jersey number 93 on the Falcons team.