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The Cincinnati Bengals have developed into one of the most prosperous and illustrious teams in the NFL, despite the fact that they have yet to win a Super Bowl.

The Bengals have a record of 5-12 in the postseason despite winning two conference championships, making it to the Super Bowl, winning eight division crowns, and appearing in 12 playoff games.

Cincinnati has produced some of the NFL’s best players throughout its relatively brief spells of dominance thus far, including three Hall of Famers (2 players, 1 coach), two NFL MVPs, and four Rookie of the Year winners.

Anthony Munoz
Anthony Munoz

Who is the greatest Cincinnati Bengals of all time?

Anthony Munoz is without a doubt the greatest Bengal of all time.

Anthony Munoz, one of seven Bengals to play in each of Cincinnati’s Super Bowl runs, led the Bengals offensive line for 13 years during what many consider to be the best era of Bengals football.

185 games were played during Munoz’s tenure, and he started 183 of them. Even worse, he caught four touchdown passes while playing left tackle.

Munoz received 11 Pro Bowl selections, and nine All-Pro nominations, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his ability to protect the quarterback and dominate the defensive line in the running game.

Munoz is essentially the only Bengals player to receive the honor, even though three former Bengals have already been elected into the Hall of Fame as coaches and Charlie Joiner spent most of his career outside of Cincinnati.

Due to the length of his career, his 11 Pro Bowl selections, his involvement in both of Cincinnati’s Super Bowl appearances, and, of course, his entry into the Hall of Fame, Munoz is widely regarded as the finest Bengal to ever play the position.