What Is Brenden Schooler Salary: How Much Does Brenden Schooler Make?

Brenden Schooler

Schooler joined the NFL earlier this year as an undrafted free agent, thus his involvement in the league has only included required minicamps, offseason workouts, and the Patriots’ rookie development program.

Despite this, he has a lot of football experience after spending six years in college. He played wide receiver and safety in 61 games while attending Oregon, Texas, and Arizona, in addition to a brief offseason stint at Arizona.

Brenden Schooler
Brenden Schooler

He played 40 games over his first four years of college with the Ducks. He first joined the squad as a defensive back but switched to offense before his sophomore season.

Over the course of the following three seasons, he caught 43 receptions for 521 yards and four touchdowns. He briefly lived in Arizona after entering the transfer portal in October 2019, then he reappeared as a Longhorn in August 2020.

As a super senior, Schooler switched back to the defensive side of the ball following a 140-yard, 12-catch season with two touchdowns.

After Schooler’s name was not called in the 2022 draft, he agreed to a conventional three-year free agent contract with the Patriots. His contract has a cap number for this year of $715,000, which is broken down into a $710,000 salary and a prorated $5,000 signing bonus.

Only the fully guaranteed signing bonus now counts against New England’s cap as per the Top-51 rule of the league. If he is selected for the roster in September, the salary would be added to the equation. He would be subject to a $15,000 dead cap charge if not.

How Much Does Brenden Schooler Make?

Brenden Schooler makes an average of $858,333 per year. Schooler’s cap hit in 2022 is $710,000, which includes his basic salary of $705,000, signing bonus of $15,000, and total compensation of $710,000.