What Is Brandon Stephens Salary: How Much Does Brandon Stephens Make?

Prior to Baltimore’s rookies reporting to training camp, the Baltimore Ravens had two unsigned players from their 2021 draft class. The Ravens have now signed and are ready to go with their entire draft class, which is just two days after the first-year players arrive in the building.

Brandon Stephens
Brandon Stephens

On Wednesday, the team made the formal announcement that they had inked defensive back Brandon Stephens to his rookie agreement.

Stephens played running back for the first two years of his collegiate career at UCLA before transferring to SMU and making the conversion to defensive back.

Stephens, who played cornerback for the majority of his defensive career, racked up 92 total tackles and one interception over the course of his two years on the defensive side of the ball.

Since the Ravens have stated that they consider Stephens a player similar to a free safety, it is possible that he will get playing time in all three safety positions during his rookie season.

It is not yet certain how much playing time he will earn as a rookie, but with his 6-foot-0 and 214-pound physique, he possesses a great deal of ability and upside as an athlete.

How Much Does Brandon Stephens Make?

Brandon Stephens earns an average of $1,196,463 per year. Stephens’ base salary in 2022 will be $877,539, and his cap hit will be $1,087,694.