Kolten Wong Contract, Salary and Net Worth

Kolten Kaha Wong is a second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers in Major League Baseball. He is an American professional baseball player who presently resides in Milwaukee.

On October 10th, 1990, Wong was born in the United States of America. (MLB). At the beginning of his career, he played for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.

He made his MLB debut in 2013. Wong uses his left hand to hit with the bat, while his right hand is used to toss the ball.

Wong excelled as a baseball player at both Kamehameha Hawaii High School and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He played for each of those schools for four years. Wong is of Hawaiian ancestry and hails from the city of Hilo.

Wong was selected by the St. Louis Cardinals in the first round of the Major League Baseball draft in 2011, and just two years later, the Cardinals promoted him to the major leagues. Due to his outstanding performance in the National League for the month of May in 2014, he was awarded this honour.

During the offseason of the baseball season in 2020, the Cardinals did not activate Wong’s player options for the 2021 season. This occurred during the offseason.

Because of this, Wong was able to begin his professional career as a free agent for the very first time. After that, he struck a bargain with the Milwaukee organization.

Kolten Wong Contract

The Milwaukee Brewers signed Kolten Wong to a two-year, $18 million contract that included a $1 million signing bonus and $18 million in guaranteed money.


He earns an average of $9,000,000 a year. Wong will get $8,000,000 in basic pay and $8,500,000 in total in 2022.

Net Worth

Kolten Wong’s wealth is estimated to be in excess of $8 million.