Drew Pomeranz Wife: Is Drew Pomeranz Married? Who Is Drew Pomeranz Wife, Carolyn Esserman?

Thomas Andrew is a Major League Baseball pitcher for the San Diego Padres in the United States. The Colorado Rockies, Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, and Milwaukee Brewers were among the teams he played for.

Drew Pomeranz and Carolyn Pomeranz
Drew Pomeranz and Carolyn Pomeranz

Is Drew Pomeranz Married?

Drew Pomeranz is married to Carolyn  (Esserman) Pomeranz.

Who Is Drew Pomeranz Wife, Carolyn Esserman?

Carolyn Pomeranz was originally known as Carolyn Marie Esserman and was raised by her mother, Mrs. Yvette Esserman, and her father, Charles Esserman.

Carolyn received her diplomas from Miramonte High School and Vanderbilt University in 2014, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Human and Organizational Development from the latter institution.

In 2010, Carolyn worked at CytoSport, Inc. as a marketing intern. In 2011, she began working for Pereira & O’Dell as an assistant account executive, and in 2012, she started working for TSH Consumer Partners.

Carolyn Pomeranz (Esserman) is a lifestyle influencer and the developer of content that is both aesthetically pleasing and original.

Carolyn Pomeranz, who is married to Drew Pomeranz, a left-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, has made it her life’s mission to encourage other people to lead lifestyles that are trendy, healthy, fun, and spectacular regardless of where they are located or how much time they spend on the road.

In addition, Carolyn describes some of the exciting things that happened to her throughout the only two seasons that she and Drew are aware of, which are baseball season and the off-season.

On November 19, 2016, in Hawaii, Carolyn and Drew exchanged their vows and became husband and wife.