What Is Carl Lawson Salary: How Much Does Carl Lawson Make?

This Monday, the Jets made it official by signing Carl Lawson to a deal worth $45 million over the course of three years.

The pass rusher will receive a guaranteed payment of $30 million from the contract, making Lawson’s agreement the fifth-highest in the history of the organization in terms of total guaranteed money.

Carl Lawson
Carl Lawson

The Jets have no choice but to hold out hope that Lawson’s contract will turn out better.

The 26-year-old edge, who appears to be the franchise’s first legitimate pass-rusher since John Abraham, is under a great deal of pressure as a result of this situation.

One important point to note is that the duration of his contract is only three years, not five. 

How Much Does Carl Lawson Make?

Carl Lawson pulls in a yearly salary of approximately $15,000,000 on average. In the year 2022, Lawson’s base salary is expected to be $15,000,000, while his cap hit is expected to be $15,333,333 and his dead cap value is expected to be $15,666,667.