What Is Brett Martin Salary: How Much Does Brett Martin Make?

Brett Martin has pitched in the majors for the Texas Rangers for nearly three seasons, has been generally successful and useful in the bullpen, and yet has failed to register in any important way in our minds throughout that time.

I was going to say forgettable, but it’s a loaded term that implies he’s done poorly or in a way that makes us want to forget about him, that he wants us to forget about him and pretend he never was, never wore a Ranger uniform.

Brett Martin
Brett Martin

Like Jeanmar Gomez, Dave Bush, or Matt Moore, for example.

That hasn’t been the case. Brett Martin has been an excellent performer for the Rangers. He’s been a valuable player who has earned a spot on the squad and is a part of a strong team.

The Rangers have many issues, but Brett Martin isn’t one of them.

Despite this, Brett Martin has been a faceless, unmemorable, and nearly generic baseball player. He isn’t a boss chevalier.

People aren’t blown away by him. On his Statcast website, he ranks in the middle of the fastball velocity percentile rankings – exactly around 50%.

In 2021, he had a K rate of 6% and a whiff rate of 23%. He also doesn’t walk people (his walk rate is in the 91st percentile) and doesn’t shy away from strong contact (his barrel rate is in the 97th percentile and his hard hit rate is in the 87th percentile).

He’s a pitcher who throws strikes and induces weak contact.


How Much Does Brett Martin Make?

Brett Martins makes an annual average salary of $1,025,000.