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How Tall Is James Outman?

James Outman is 1.9 m tall


After being named to the team’s 40-man roster in the winter of 2013, Redwood City native James Outman was protected from the Rule 5 draft.

However, given the lack of depth in the Los Angeles outfield, he could have a legitimate opportunity at playing in the MLB this year.

Outman, like Peters, possesses the exceptional athletic ability, particularly in the areas of strength, speed, and quickness.

His minor league numbers are very close to those of Peters despite his shorter stature and heavier weight, coming in at 215 pounds to his 6-foot-3 frame.

As an outfielder last year, Outman had 21 doubles, nine triples, 18 long balls and 23 stolen bases in 491 plate appearances, but he struck out at an alarmingly high rate of 139 times.

In the same way that Peters can play all three outfield positions, he has a good arm for the position. As a center fielder, many people think he’s the best fit.

Scouts believe that Outman’s ability to get on base gives him an advantage over Peters in terms of potential.

During the 2014 season, he walked 65 times and was hit by a pitch 13 times, contributing to his.379 on-base percentage.

In terms of hitting the ball, he’s sharp and has a good head, which could benefit him. According to MLB Pipeline, Outman is currently ranked as the Dodgers’ 18th best prospect.

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