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Suwinski, 23, grew up in Norwood Park and went to school there. “I want to represent my community and the folks who helped me get here,” he says of starting in right field for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

During his first major league game against the Brewers, Suwinski, a former standout at Taft High School, got his first hit. The 23-year-old collected two hits and drove in a run on Sunday.

“We’re on cloud nine,” Ann Suwinski, the mother, exclaimed. “Everyone is ecstatic that Norwood Park has produced something significant.”

The spectators included the proud parents.

Tim Suwinski stated, “I watched him in right field for the Pirates, and the entire journey just flashed in front of me.”

“It was like watching a movie for him when he was 6 years old and he was playing Norwood Park District baseball, travel ball, high school ball, being drafted, minor leagues.”

Who Is Jack Suwinski Father, Tim?

Tim Suwinski is the Father of Jack and the husband of Ann. Tim Suwinski works as a carpenter.

Tim Suwinski claimed he tried to convince his kid to participate in his sport, swimming, but Jack Suwinski was always more interested in baseball.

During the summer he turned 10, the Suwinskis transported their son to more than 70 games, ranging from Norwood Park District through travel ball.

Tim Suwinski stated, “He took me and mom around in the car, continually changing jerseys.” “Jack went to the games by himself. We assisted as Mom and Dad drove. However, we are unable to catch the ball and run the bases. He never asked for anything and did everything himself.”

Tim and Ann Suwinski made a commitment to their son’s ambition.


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