Chi Chi was one of the 13 housemates who entered the Level Up house on Sunday, the second day of season seven’s premiere.

Chichi, a housemate on Big Brother Naija’s seventh season, has shared more about her profession.

Chichi, who was born and raised in Anambra State but is from Edo State, claimed to be a stripper.

Meet New Big Brother Housemate Chi Chi

Chi Chi BBNaija
Chi Chi BBNaija

Chi-chi, or Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor, was born on January 9, 2000.

She is a housemate in the ‘Level Up’ season 7 2022 edition of Big Brother Naija, Africa’s most popular reality television show (BBNaija 2022).

Chi chi has a distinct personality and hopes to demonstrate on Big Brother Naija that this stripper is more than meets the eye.

Chi Chi claims that she will bring her A-game to the Big Brother Naija house in an effort to win the grand prize.

Chi chi is a nightclub entertainer and a chef by day. The 22-year-old exotic dancer and chef use a variety of colorful phrases to describe herself.

She enjoys swimming, dancing, and traveling and considers herself to be “unwaveringly ambitious”

Despite having a difficult upbringing, Chi-chi has risen above it all and continues to forge her own path.

She acknowledges that her candor can annoy some individuals, but she doesn’t mind because she values sincerity. “I either tell it like it is or I don’t say anything at all.”


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