Media personality Toke Makinwa thinks Level-Up housemate Adekunle talks too much and often does not back up his claims with actions.

Toke Makinwa

According to the ever vocal Toke, Adekunle frequently declares provocatively what he wants to do but never carries out his threats or whatever he says he will do.

Toke made the remark while having a discussion with guests on a recent episode of BBNaija The Buzz, which she hosts on Showmax.

The socialite asserts that Hermes is more like the person Adekunle perceives himself to be in the show.

She described how he threatened to cause trouble and call people out throughout the home at various times, but he never actually carried out any of those threats. He was called out by Toke for behaving like the man of the house when his words and deeds didn’t line up.


In a previous update on BBNaija, we mentioned that Bella wasted no time in informing Biggie in the diary room that Bella will inevitably battle Phyna over food because food is necessary for their existence in the house.

She claims that despite her desire to avoid the topic, she and the other housemates cannot avoid it because, without nourishment, their pursuit of the pinnacle in keeping with their objective in the house will be slowed down.


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