Groovy has opened up for the first time about Beauty and probably what culminated in her disqualification after jealousy seized her faculties and fought with Chomzy over him leading to her disqualification.

In a fresh interview since he got evicted last Sunday, the handsome reality star who became a toast of most ladies in the house namely Amaka, Phyna, Beauty and ChiChi revealed why he got entangled in that kind of situation.

Groovy explained this to well-known media figure Elozonam as to why he believed he was the hottest cake in the Level Up house.

He stated;

“The reason why ladies got attracted to me in the house was because of my sauce, my atarodo pink hair, 605 and strawberry.

Women know what they want though. Among the ladies that got attracted to me in the house, Phyna is the main deal because obviously I got attracted to her and she was the one I spent most of my time with.

Additionally, he clarified the situation surrounding the Beauty disqualification during the interview. He claimed that while Beauty did not trust him because she believed he was playing games with her, he did not like Chomzy or had any affection for her.


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