White Money, a former Big Brother Naija contestant, ran across Angel, his colleague, and they made sure to record the rare moment. While looking for unspecified supplies at the drugstore, the reality TV stars met each other unexpectedly.

On social media, White Money posted a video of Angel playing with him at the shop. After she appeared to have referred to him as her boyfriend, he inquired who would accept to be her friend.

She went on to claim that she is currently genuinely looking for a boyfriend. Angel could be heard telling the onlookers thus, “You guys look at who I met in the pharmacy,” as she planted kisses on his cheek.

Meanwhile, White Money- whose real name is Hazel Onou recently replied to people who have been criticizing him ever since he opted to pursue a career in music.

His admirers recently urged that he give up his desire to become a musician after he released a video of his studio session.

Despite this, as White Money prepares to release his debut single, he has provided the clearest sign that he would continue on his new musical path. White Money also dared anyone who criticized his work to attempt it themselves if they believed it was simple.

For the time being, check out White Money and Angel goofing around in the pharmacy shop when their paths crossed unextepedly;


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