Contrary to the public perception about Sheggz juxtaposed to his relationship with Bella, Hermes has revealed that his colleague is a cool guy who devoted himself to Bella.

He said Sheggz had set the template as to how every guy in the Level Up house must take care of their women hence the sort of impression people have about him is merely a fallacy.

Meanwhile, Sheggz on the other hand responded to the rumours around the video in a recent interview on Beats FM. According to him, no one ever mentioned his name in any video, thus he has nothing to do with it. He continued by saying that he is currently concentrating on his new life and Bella, his girlfriend.

He continued by saying that he and the other guys had complained because Sheggz is better at taking care of the women in the house than they are.

Sheggz, being the charming and attractive man he is, could have done whatever he wanted with as many women as he liked, but he would only see Bella.

He claimed that Bella always received breakfast in bed from him until his eviction, demonstrating how devoted he was to her in all circumstances, including tasks.

Sheggz, who was also present for the interview when Hermes defended him, claimed that because of his zealous defence of all allegations of bullying and abuse, even his housemates began referring to him as Bella callboy.


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