ChiChi has finally explained why she decided to use the Supreme Veto Power to prevent Phyna and Daniella from being nominated in a conversation with Bryann.

The present HOH also revealed the rationale behind her nearly choosing Hermes over Daniella. ChiChi questioned Bryann in the Garden about whether or not it was the right decision to save Phyna and Daniella.

She continued by saying that she had used the Supreme Veto Power to save Daniella because she remembered a conversation she had with Daniella when she had been drinking.

Daniella pitched to ChiChi the reasons why she should be saved, according to Chichi, and that solidified her choice to save her. So if not Daniella, who else would she have been able to save? Because of Allysyn, Chichi admitted that she would have liked to save Hermes.

When the two enjoyed a lighthearted chit-chat about the goings-on in the House, it became clear that they had a soft spot for one another.

ChiChi also expressed to Bryann her desire to have the ability to save three Housemates. According to Chichi, Adekunle, Groovy, or Hermes would have been the third choice.

ChiChi concluded by informing Bryann that she had made her decision after thinking Bryann, Groovy, and Hermes would be tougher opponents for the other Housemates who would be the target of an eviction.


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