Chomzy believes that she has the most amazing family in the entire wide universe. My mother and all of my siblings are currently living in Nigeria, while my father is currently stationed in Gabon. She explains with a grin, “My family gets along well and we all love each other, but I’m everyone’s favorite.” My family gets along great and we all love each other.

Despite the fact that she is currently unmarried, this smoldering beauty is not opposed to finding love in the future.

Because of her work in pageants and modeling, as well as the various honors she has gotten for her contributions to the community and in the classroom, Chomzy can look back on some of her proudest moments and say she deserves them.

Chomzy has high expectations that her participation in Big Brother Naija will bring her fame and fortune.

“I want to be successful in my business and I want to find love too”.

Chomzy BBN Age: How old is Big Brother Housemate Chomzy?

Esther Chioma Ndubueze is a young businesswoman who is 22 years old.  Sewing, going on adventures, and twerking are some of Chomzy’s favorite things to do in life. She has a strong aversion to traitors and snitches, and she views herself as a person who is both resourceful and enthusiastic about others.


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