Oladotun Mofiyinfoluwa Oloniyo, a 26-year-old housemate on Big Brother Naija’s (BBNaija) seventh season, works as a personal trainer during his free time in addition to his full-time job as a medical physiologist at a nearby hospital.

When he’s not working out or saving people’s lives, this outgoing and competitive socialite likes to watch movies, cook, and garden in his free time.

He admits that he never backs down from a challenge and describes himself as “fun, good looking, and spontaneous.”

The fact that Dotun was named Mr. Tourism Nigeria 2018 and that he graduated from the University of Ibadan as one of the best students in his major a week later were both proud moments for him. Dotun’s long-term objective is to dominate the entertainment sector, and being named Mr. Tourism Nigeria 2018 is one of his proudest moments.

Dotun BBN Age: How old is Big Brother Housemate Dotun?

Oladotun Mofiyinfoluwa Oloniyo is a 26-year-old housemate on Big Brother Naija’s (BBNaija) seventh season who admits it probably annoys males who are self-conscious about their physique, but it’s one of his favorite things to walk around shirtless.

I’m outspoken and confident, and some people don’t like that very much, he responds when asked about actions that might annoy his other Housemates. The topic of what his fellow housemates could find grating comes up in response to that.


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