Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky who sometimes plays the role of a transgender recently revealed that BBNaija Level Up Housemate Groovy is the one he has identified as his soul mate.

He claimed that after seeing the musician and businessman on his TV screen, he realized that his search for a partner for the long journey of life has been spotted.

Taking to his Instagram profile, Bobrisky declared that he was eager to meet Groovy so that they could be together.

He wrote; ”I just saw my soulmate in BBN, I can’t wait to be with you my love Groovy.”

Bob, whose real name is Idris Okuneye was in the news recently when he branded Ghana as a dull place.

The brand influencer made the comment after visiting Ghana for a meet-and-greet session but was disappointed that he didn’t receive the welcome he had hoped for.

Before he arrived in Ghana, Bobrisky made it known that he would charge ₵35,000 cedis for location advertisements, ₵24,000 cedis for one-touch advertisements, and ₵12,000 cedis for anyone requesting a repost from him. As he views Ghana as uninteresting, it appears that Bobrisky’s plans did not go as planned.

Bobrisky disclosed how he was treated nicely and with respect at the airport by the immigrations and how the staff at the hotel also treated him nicely. He described the people of Ghana as hospitable.

However, some Ghanaians have questioned and slammed him on why he came to the country and who invited him. Many have registered their dissatisfaction with his description of the country.


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