People carry their palm fronds to the church on Palm Sunday to be blessed, which marks the beginning of Holy Week.

Is it Okay to Take a Bath on Black Saturday?

No, It’s not okay to take a bath on Black Saturday.

On Good Friday and into Black Saturday, many people believe that Jesus has died, and as a result, demonic forces labor extra hard (thus the need for palaspas).

Take a Bath on Black Saturday
Black Saturday

Elders instruct the children to behave and lower their kakulitan so they don’t injure themselves. Because Jesus is dead, wounds inflicted during these days will not heal as quickly as they normally would.

To avoid turning into rock like Ibong Adarna, they warn the children against bathing on certain days. A tumor will form in their body if they eat meat.

During Good Friday and Black Saturday, albularyos (witch doctors) are thought to be more powerful (like bad spirits).

Their amulets and charms, or anting-antings, are recharged on Good Friday and other scheduled days.

Doing your laundry or taking a bath at 3 p.m. on Good Friday can also be unlucky. Because of Jesus’ death, water is reported to have turned to blood during that time period.

While elders perform their Pabasa ng Pasyon, if these superstitions fail to frighten children and keep their noses clean, we should abandon them.


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