Do you know someone around you who is a wine lover? Gifts are a great way to show our affection or gratitude to someone. Make him happy through an original present related to wine. Choose experiential gifts to mark the spirits. For example, if the person you like is a fan of sports betting, you could offer him some money to spend on the bookmaker 20Bet. You would just do the same with wine. Here is a selection of gift ideas to spoil a wine enthusiast.

On the occasion of the feast of the Nativity among others, offer a unique present to your friend or your father. If he is a wine lover, an oenology workshop is in this case an excellent Christmas gift for men to offer. The workshop led by experts will allow him to enrich his knowledge of this nectar that he loves so much. For example, at the end of this session, he will be able to distinguish quality wines from those that are not. Moreover, an oenology workshop is also a human experience. The recipient of your gift can make wonderful encounters with people who are passionate about wine. Remember that a workshop is generally done in groups of about ten people.

Choose a wine-focused trip

Is your loved one a wine lover, and at the same time a travel and discovery enthusiast? The ideal present for this person is a trip around wine. Treat him to a wine-themed getaway. To do this, offer him a short getaway to the most beautiful wine regions. Book a stay in a charming hotel, and schedule an oenology workshop to complete the program.

Opt for a wine gift box

This year, forget the banal gifts like a bottle of wine placed under the tree. Lean instead for a 3 or 6 month subscription to a wine box, this offer includes:

  • 3 great wines per month. These are selected from the best bottles of wine from independent winegrowers;
  • a tasting booklet, a guide to properly organize the tasting at home.
  • Invite him to a gourmet dinner with wine

Satisfy your loved one with a gift combining wine and haute cuisine. Offer him a dinner in a carefully selected starred restaurant, with dishes specially adapted to the best wines. You can choose an establishment offering a traditional or contemporary atmosphere. Depending on the preferences of the person, you can also turn to a gourmet bistro or a renowned brasserie. Otherwise, you have the option of choosing a dinner for two to share a moment of conviviality.

Go for wine tourism

Delight your friend by offering to do the Wine Route. This is a tourist route in the heart of the wine regions. It allows you to discover the best wines of the country, but not only. On this route, your loved one will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with winegrowers and immerse themselves in the vineyards.

In addition, it is a gastronomic experience, where he will discover the culinary riches of various regions. Apart from that, a wine route allows you to discover tourist wonders. Thus, it is an experience that combines the discovery of wine with the exploration of the tourist sites of a region.

There are many places to do this activity.

For exemple :

  • The Loire Valley;
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur;
  • Aquitaine;
  • Picardy;
  • Etc.

Treat him to a wine tasting session

Opt for an oenological initiation in a starred hotel to spoil your wine-loving friend. You should know that the world of this beverage is as exciting as it is mysterious, poetic and bewitching. Give your loved one the opportunity to discover all the secrets of this complex drink during an unforgettable tasting. Choose a 3-hour tasting, where he will taste 4 renowned wines. These delicious beverages are accompanied by tasty cheeses and charcuterie. During the session:

  • Your loved one will learn to put words to feelings;
  • He will also discover surprising oenological notions.
  • At the end of the tasting, he will be able to:
  • match a grape variety to delicate dishes,
  • determine the optimal conditions for the development of nectars,
  • read labels,
  • understand the value of medals.
  • Etc.

A wine tasting session is a real convivial and memorable moment where the oenology enthusiast will experience an initiation rich in pleasure.


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