Determination is the key to success.

Determination is very vital in achieving success. Success isn’t something that one can achieve within one day. One needs determination  to keep moving.

This is because on one’s way to success, one will face challenges that will discourage the person. So in order to achieve success, one has to be determined at all cost.

Ways in which determination leads to success

1. Goal setting – One needa to set a goal and also boundaries. In order to set goals, one needs to identify his or her strengths first before setting the goals. The goals must be well defined with clear cut boundaries and timelines. It is the deadline that will keep one on its toes.

2. Focus – Focus is very vital in success. Focus is what will make one determined. Focus guides your thinking and even boosts your morale. Your determination will be enhanced by your level of focus.

3  Confidence- For one to be determined, the person will need to believe in him or herself. That leads to confidence  You believing that you deserve better will make you to be determined. This is because you have a conviction that no matter what happens, you will achieve success.

Determination; its pros

Determination has a good advantage in helping one succeed. It is the spirit of determination that makes one to fight for what is due them. Determination is a very powerful tool that enhances self – confidence. Below are the pros of determination.

1. It gives one sense of direction. Determination has the benefit of guiding one to focus on his or her agenda. It makes one not to lose focus and always reminds one of the agenda ahead.

2. It helps one to reach its target – When one is determined, the person is able to reach a target je or she has set for him or  herself. However without determination, one can not reach its target.

To conclude, determination has proven to be a powerful engine that fuels success. For one to succeed in life, determination is very key

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