Rihanna is a gorgeous and beautiful lady who was born in Barbados. She was born on 20th February 1988 at the St. Michael Parish of the Carribran Island of Barbados.

She had a sad childhood as her home was full of marital issues and that really affected her upbringing. Her parents had to separate when she was still a young girl.

These were hard and trying times for Rihanna but she overcame it when she moved to the USA where she spent most of her years. Rihanna spent virtually all her life in the United States making people think that she is an American.


The Originality of Rihanna

Rihanna is a Barbadian from a Caribbean country called Barbados where she was born. However, a lot of people think she is an American since she stays in the United States almost all her life.

Most of her songs are featured by top American musicians too. Her boyfriend, Chris Brown being an American even makes people think that she is an American

She has an American accent since that is where she grew. It must be known that what made her flee to the United States is a result of her struggles. She fled from Barbados to escape the struggles of life and to live a new life.

Barbados is a small Caribbean Island near the United States which is not known by many.

The origin of her parents being Carribeans and not Americans even proves Rihanna’s country of origin. Her mother is Afro – Guyanese and her father is a Barbadian. She was born in Barbados at St. Michael Parish.

She might have American citizenship but her origin is Barbados. If you read Rihanna’s biography, you will realize that she spent her childhood days in Barbados but later moved to the States

The fact that she stays in the United States doesn’t mean she is an American. Rihanna country of origin is Barbados


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