Los Angeles Chargers Best Player of all time.

Abbott Vince was said to be the best player of all time in Los Angeles, he was born in May 1938, an English former American football player born in London, he played for the USFL for the Los Angeles, expressed during 1987 per season. He went 7 for 8 on field goals, four over 40 yards beating out.

Vince Abbott resides in Newport Beach and is an avid powerlifter benching over 475. He Continues to coach aspiring goal kickers and weight lifters. Vince Abbott made his mark kicking under pressure in the raiders game, it was good the first attempt when the charger was leading.

Vincent Abbott was born in London, England, United Kingdom. In the early 1980s, he played American football as a kicker for Fullerton State University in California.

During his time at Fullerton State, he hit several field goals and kick-offs that resulted in either touchbacks or end zones. On September 2, 1987, he beat out Rolf Benirschke for the San Diego Chargers kicking position after beating him with six field goals of thirty-two yards or more in front of representatives from 37 National Football League teams.

Vincent Abbott, placekicker for the Los Angeles Chargers is known as one of the most accurate kickers in the history of professional football. In his first NFL game with the Chargers in Kansas City, he scored 13 points, making two out of three field goals.

The second field goal tied the game at thirteen points each. Later that season, against Cleveland, Abbot scored 24 points by kicking three field goals, including a 20-yard kick to tie the score at 24 apiece and a 33-yard game-tying kick in the outdoor stadium in Cleveland.

During overtime, Abbot scored on a 33-yard field goal to lift the Chargers to victory. This kicked boosted the Chargers to first place in their division and their best start since 1961.

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