Age: 24 yr
Height: 6-6
Weight: 240 lbs
Hits/Throws: R/R
Acquired: 2018 Round 2
RuleV: 2021

Physical Description

Slanted shoulders and a large body. In terms of physical capacity, the frame is complete.

Delivery & Mechanics

3/4 arm slot is standard. Arm movement and delivery are easy and fluid. Hands are separated at the start, with the throwing hand behind the body and the glove at the shoulder.

Before the windup begins, they meet belt high. Bowlan brings his hands over his head and backs down to chest height on the rocker step, where they meet his knee on the leg kick.

As he extends out, he maintains his height. To acquire a good extension, he makes effective use of size. Finishes with a leg kick and close in on the plate slightly.


A well-trained athlete with sufficient supporting skills to compensate for his weak spot, contact.

Will almost certainly continue to swing and miss, but he can refine his approach and rein in his aggressive inclinations.

With some wallop in the bat, he fits best as a multi-positional utility player. He could compete for second division regular status if he can improve his contact and approach. Ratings:60


The temperature is in the 80s. Movement is tight and gyro. Right-handed and left-handed batters will enjoy this pitch.

As a secondary offering, it’s what he uses the most. It appears to be a mediocre pitch on the surface, but his excellent control ensures that the slider performs well. Ratings:55


This is an unusual change-of-pace pitch used mostly against left-handed batters. He’s demonstrated that he understands it. This pitch’s development could determine whether he ends up in the bullpen or the rotation. Ratings:40

Control and Command

His control is excellent, as evidenced by his walk numbers. It allows him to move his pitches all over the strike zone with remarkable ease.

He does, however, occasionally miss his location, which causes him pain. Especially considering how much he relies on his fastball.

For the time being, the command appears to be average. At the moment, the slider could be the pitch he can command the best. Ratings: Control: 60 | Command: 50


On the mound, Bowlan is a huge, physical presence. His rotation future is uncertain because he lacks a third pitch and relies heavily on the fastball.

He’s big enough to withstand that kind of workload, but he’d be better off as a solid reliever. His slider will play up and his control will be an asset if his fastball can play at the top half of his value range.

That could be the best option. The Royals plan to continue developing him as a starter, so his changeup will be crucial.


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