Jake Brentz Scouting Report

Position: LHP

DOB: 9/14/1994 (Age: 18)

Height/Weight: 6’2″/195 lbs

Bats/Throws: L/L

Delivery & Mechanics

With a height of 6’2″ and a weight of 195 pounds, he has a projectable frame. Solid athlete with fielding skills; delivery is a little aggressive, relying too much on his arm rather than letting his lower half push the ball down the zone; comes from a classic three-quarters angle; still new to pitching and will need to build stamina without going all-out on every pitch.


Humongous velocity on the rise; will reach the mid-90s at times, but will struggle to maintain it later in games; As he gets under it, the pitch tends to rise higher in the zone due to delivery;

He doesn’t have a lot of movement, so he’ll have to rely on arm speed and velocity to miss bats; he has the potential to be a monster in professional baseball. Rating:55


Curveball lacks consistent shape; seems to level out and is very simple to drive; as he progresses in the pros, he’ll need to improve his feel and control.

The curveball’s ceiling is average, though it could be a tad on the high side; it’ll most likely be a periphery delivery. Ratimgs:35


The changeup has a better feel and trust than the breaking ball; Because of his weak command, he has a shaky pitch right now, but he should improve over time.

Arm speed is adequate, but he will slow down; To stay in the big leagues as a starter, he’ll need this pitch. Ratings:45

Control and Command

Right now, he’s very inconsistent; he has some strike-throwing ability, but it varies from pitch to pitch and at-bat to at-bat; his inability to stay on top of the ball out of his hand leads to a lot of wild pitches; learning to pitch rather than just throwing will define his final role.

The ball moves all over the place due to delivery and arm action; will need to clean up finish in order to start hitting the catcher’s glove; command could improve with a lot of work, but it’s hard to see more than fringe-average right now. Ratings:Control: 40 | Command: 35


Brentz is a pitcher who encapsulates the whole draft class. He has a few current tools, especially a big-time fastball from the left side, that allow him to fantasize. But he’s so raw and unrefined that the chances of him breaking over his ceiling are little to none.

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