Early Life of Harry Wismer

Harry Wismer was an American sports broadcaster and the founder of the New York Titans franchise in the American Football League. He was born in 1913, on the 30th day of June in a city called Port Huron, Michigan, in the United States.

Wismer expressed extreme passion and interest as he displayed his prowess in sports at a very tender age.

He was multi-talented in different sporting spheres during his days at Port Huron High School, but his poor academic performance someway somehow temporarily interfered with his college plans and he enrolled in a private school

Founding New York Titans

Harry Wismer founded New York Jets as one of the founding teams of the upstart American Football League (AFL) in 1960. The name known by all was the Titans until after 3 years in 1963 where a group of well-meaning stakeholders headed by Sonny Werblin, came to the team’s rescue from bankruptcy. He bought the Titans off for $1 million, that was when Werblin renamed the team to New York Jets

Wismer got married twice. First to Mary Elizabeth Bryant, divorced and got married the second time to Mary Zwillman with whom he had two kids; Wendy and Henry

Latter Days of Harry Wismer

In the latter days of his life, Wismer published a book titled “The Public Calls It Sport” which featured his autobiography and explanation of his philosophy of life. Wismer’s health started deteriorating faster due to depression and alcoholism aside from his other overwhelming problems.

An autopsy revealed a skull fracture as being the immediate cause of death. Harry had been thrown down the stairs by mobsters, the reason still unknown.

He passed on December 4, 1967, in the United States, New York. Today, Wismer is remembered more for his eccentric behavior rather than as a crucial founder of the American Football League and the New York Jets



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