Harry Wismer is known as one of the heroes in America has made immense contributions to American football, which changed its game style. Harry Wismer is celebrated as one of the renowned personalities in the American Football League despite his setbacks.


The Biography of Harry Wismer

Harry Wismer was born on June 30th, 1913 in New York, America. He had his basic education at St. John’s Academy, where he developed an interest in sports. His playing career started way back during his school days at St. John Academy, where he engaged in football, basketball, and so on.

His football career didn’t stop at that early age. He developed a deep passion for football during his tertiary days at the University of Florida and Michigan State College. He played at both Michigan State College and the University of Florida and made impressive gains during his youthful days. However, unfortunately, his playing career had to come to an end. This was due to a knee problem he faced during one of the games he played.

However, he did not give up hope of participating in sports. He was advised by his coach to engage in broadcasting. His debut in his broadcasting career started with MSU’s radio station, WKAR. Due to his impressive performance, he was employed as an announcer for the Detroit Lions in 1934.

It didn’t end there. The Detroit Lions’ owner tried to convince him to work full-time as the station’s Sports Director. He further moved to other stations where he set the pace for broadcasting in New York.

Due to some issues, he became a freelance broadcaster and became a boss of his own. He was even a part-owner of the Washington Redskins. Harry Wismer’s experience as a sports broadcaster opened a door for him that led to him becoming the owner of the AFL – New York Jets.

In fact, no hero faces life without difficulties. Every success story comes with its own challenges, and Harry Wismer’s cannot be left out.

He had the shock of his life when his team, the New York Jets, went into relegation at the Old Polo Grounds. He drew most of his games and couldn’t win any of them. In fact, he made a lot of losses as the owner of the AFL and this affected him emotionally.

However, he had support from Ralph Wilson and Bud Adams, which sustained his team. But then again, it was insufficient. Out of frustration, he started being an alcoholic person.

His situation really affected the team, and the team was sold to Sonny Werblin. A genius who changed the nature of the New York Jets, formerly known as the New York Titans. He restructured the team and changed the team’s name to the New York Jets.

He was later diagnosed with cancer was admitted to receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic. Harry Wismer Unfortunately died in New York on December 3rd, 1967.


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