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Jimmy Kibaki is a Kenyan businessman and the firstborn son of Mwai Kibaki, Kenya’s former President. He owns Odibets, a locally owned betting firm.

He has hinted at entering the murky world of politics, but he has yet to demonstrate his true intentions. For a long time, Jimmy has served as the family’s spokesperson.

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He has spoken to the media about his father’s health and refuted erroneous allegations about his family.

Jimmy Kibaki will be 58 years old in 2022.

He was a student at Nairobi’s St Mary’s School, also known as Saints. Later, he enrolled at Salve Regina University to study political science and administration.

Jimmy was eager to establish a business when he returned to Kenya in 1988 after finishing his studies in Canada, so he approached his father for a loan.

Before retorting that he was “neither a director nor stakeholder of any company….get the money from a bank!” Kibaki listened to his son’s business vision and why he required a loan from him.

He decided to start Simama Kenya, which means “stand up Kenya,” in 2009. This was interpreted by some as a political ploy.

The national youth convention issued a statement accusing the project of being a low-cost political ploy to hijack their objectives.

He entered the sports betting industry in 2018 through a firm called Odibets, where he serves as chairman. As a result of his involvement with the company, it has grown tremendously.

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The company has made a significant investment in promoting youth talent. In 2018, they sponsored sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala and signed a Ksh60 million deal with Mathare United.

The sponsorship came at the opportune time, according to Mathare United’s CEO, as the squad was struggling financially.

The betting company even gave Ferdinand Omanyala a brand new automobile. Odibets is there, according to the administration, to foster grassroots talent among the youths.

Jimmy Kibaki  Wife

Jimmy Kibaki is married to Sherly Anne

Jimmy Kibaki  Children

Jimmy Kibaki and his wife have three children-Mwai Kibaki Jr, Sean Andrew and Emma Ngini

Jimmy Kibaki’s Net Worth

Jimmy Kibaki’s Newt worth is estimated to be between $ 3 million to $ 10 million


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