Liz Truss who has modeled herself after Margaret Thatcher and endeared herself to the Conservative Party’s pro-Brexit right wing has won the party’s leadership election and will replace Boris Johnson as the leader of the United Kingdom tomorrow.

Liz Truss
Liz Truss

Truss has modeled herself after Margaret Thatcher and has endeared herself to the pro-Brexit right wing of the Conservative Party.

In order to become the new leader of the Conservative Party, Liz Truss, who had been serving as Boris Johnson’s foreign secretary for the past year, received 57% of the votes cast by Conservative Party members.

Rishi Sunak took 43%. It was a tighter victory than anticipated for the longtime favorite, who was popular among party members but earlier in the leadership campaign gained the support of less than a third of her MPs.

It was a triumph for the longtime favorite who was popular among party members. Truss is currently delivering a speech to the Conservative Party conference.

After the speech, she will immediately take over as the leader of the party, and on Tuesday, after meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, she will officially become the new prime minister.

At the beginning of her victory speech, Liz Truss thanked her opponent, Rishi Sunak, for bringing the race to a closer finish than many people anticipated it would be.

After that, she paid a heartfelt tribute to her predecessor, Boris Johnson, whom she will succeed as Prime Minister on Tuesday. Johnson’s resignation came after months of controversies, which compelled him to step down.


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