The real Pharmsavi is Saviour Ikin Akpan. He is one of Big Brother Naija’s season 7’s first twelve housemates. He’s from the state of Akwa Ibom.

Saviour Ikin Akpan, better known as Pharmsavi on the current season of BBNaija, is 26 years old. He is extremely passionate about life and acting in particular, and he plans to eventually make acting his career.

PharmSavi BBNaija Wife: Is PharmSavi BBNaija Single or Married?
PharmSavi BBNaija Wife: Is PharmSavi BBNaija Single or Married?

Pharmsavi has a large social circle thanks to his outgoing, amiable personality and enjoys traveling, dancing, and playing video games. He considers himself emotional and competitive, and he dislikes hypocrisy and dishonesty.

Pharmsavi enjoys playing table tennis when he has time, and he also enjoys graphic design.

Is PharmSavi BBNaija Single or Married?

PharmSavi is not currently involved in an open relationship and is single. PharmSavi is not married either.

When asked about habits that might irritate his fellow housemates while he’s living there? “I’m a perfectionist for detail”.

Because I like things to be tidy and organized, I am frequently accused of having obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Pharmsavi is hoping that Big Brother Naija will give his ambition of becoming a full-time actor a boost.

Additionally, “I want to raise awareness about drug abuse and misuse, especially among young people.”

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