Dance in 1952 introduced Estelle to Sy, a window treatment salesman, and the two fell in love and were married six months later.

The couple had two sons, Eric (born 1957) and Glen (born 1961), and a daughter, Taryn (born 1977). (born 1964)

In addition to working as a social worker, Glen is a music promoter who also happens to be his mother’s unofficial manager, and Taryn is a retired Nassau County police officer.

Harris is also the grandfather of three grandchildren. As soon as her children started school, Harris began looking for acting opportunities, first in amateur productions, then in dinner theater and commercials.

Sy Harris Cause of Death

As an actor, Sy Harris was well-known for Night Stand (1995) and Destiny, West! (1960). He was married to Estelle Harris before the time of his death. On the 11th of January in the year 2021, he passed away.

As to what really killed the actor, Sy Harris’ death is unknown.

How did Estelle Harris’s Husband Sy Harris die?

Sy Harris, the husband of Estelle Harris died on the 11th of January in the year 2021. His death date is all we could say about his death since the cause is not really known to us. The cause of the death of Sy Harris is still unknown to the media.


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