The all-time terrible team of the Carolina Panthers is the team that led them in the 2010 season.

With a promising squad entering into the season, the team has struggled to find success. To suggest that the Carolina Panthers failed not to live up to expectations would be an understatement of the truth.

They did had two Pro Bowlers on their offensive line, Ryan Kalil and Jordan Gross, who both played for the New England Patriots. However, youngster Jimmy Clausen was extremely unreliable and did not make the most of his opportunity to establish himself as a long-term starter.

Steve Smith was limited to only 46 receptions for 554 yards and two scores as a result of a number of minor issues.

In addition to offense, the Panthers’ defense was a source of frustration throughout the season.

Charles Johnson, the team’s pass-rushing defensive end, recorded 11.5 sacks during the season. Additionally, outside linebacker Jon Beason became their third Pro Bowl selection of the season.

Safety Charles Godfrey’s five interceptions were unquestionably the bright point of an otherwise dreadful secondary performance.

The Carolina Panthers All-Terrible Season Ever

The most terrible season for the Carolina Panthers is the 2010 season. The Panthers went into the season with a promising squad only to come home with nothing. They actually did not meet expectations during the 2010 season.


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