Super Bowl, one of the expensive championship games ever to watch live in person. It is a championship game that started as a means to a merger from America’s greatest football rivals; AFC and NFC.

As part of their merger, it was stated that the winners of the leagues were going to meet for an end-of-season championship game. Although the conferences agreed to this, the merger didn’t take place until 3 years after the Super Bowl had commenced.

The Super Bowl commenced in 1967 but was referred to as AFC-NFC World Championship Game.  In 1969, the name Super Bowl was used and has been so till date.

Going to watch the Super Bowl in person is a story for the history books because the tickets are quite expensive and not many are in circulation freely. To obtain a ticket, it has to be purchased via online means.


How much are Super Bowl tickets for 2022?

According to the  Official Hospitality Provider of the NFL; ON LOCATIONthe prices of the tickets range from $5,950.00 – $42,500.00. Some of the tickets even have to be booked by calling or getting in touch with the ticketing team.

Each ticket bought comes with its perks such as the seating area, people you get to meet, experience, and many more.  For a game of a lifetime, it is certainly worth it I suppose.

This year’s Super Bowl will be on February, 13 and will be held at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif; Los Angeles.


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