Super Bowl: How Do You Get Super Bowl Tickets?

How Do You Get Super Bowl Tickets?

Planning to get Super Bowl Tickets and you are asking yourself How Do You Get Super Bowl Tickets? Below are five ways to get Super Bowl tickets.

Before we get to how to get the 2022 super bowl ticket, it is good to know that the Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League. It has served as the final game of every NFL season since 1966, replacing the NFL Championship Game.

How Do You Get Super Bowl Tickets?

There are four basic ways to buy Super Bowl tickets These are

  • Directly From NFL

  •  Season Ticket Lottery.

  • Participate in the Super Bowl ADA Random Drawing

  • Enter Radio and TV Contests

  • Check a Resale Site Closer to the Game

We explain how you can follow each of these steps in order to get your Super Bowl 2022 Tickets

Directly From NFL

While tickets are still available, you can get them directly from the NFL. The NFL distributes around a quarter of the total tickets each year.

Some of these tickets are available for purchase at face value directly from the venue, but you’ll need to purchase them well in advance of the game. These usually sell out rapidly, and they’re frequently purchased by ticket brokers who then resale them once the AFC and NFC champions are determined.

Keep in mind that many of these tickets are marketed as part of a package that may include hotel, flights, and entertainment prior to, during, and after the game.
Click here for additional information on purchasing NFL tickets.

 Enter a Season Ticket Lottery.

Each year, the teams in the championship game receive 35 percent of the tickets to the Super Bowl. These tickets are usually split between the sponsors and players initially, then a lottery is held to select season ticket holders. If you bought a season ticket package, contact the organization to enter their lottery. If you win the lottery, you can buy tickets for Super Bowl LI for $950.

You may win a lottery even if your team doesn’t win. 5 percent of the total tickets go to the host team, while 34.8 percent go to the other teams, with a minor percentage going to a lottery.  In 2019, 5% of Super Bowl tickets went to the Atlanta Falcons, regardless of who won.

Participate in the Super Bowl ADA Random Drawing.

Every year, the NFL runs a lottery for disabled fans who want to see the Super Bowl. If you win, you can buy a wheelchair ticket and a companion ticket at face value. You must submit between February 1 and June 1 of the year before the Super Bowl.

For Super Bowl LIV in Miami in 2020, you must apply between February 1 and June 1, 2019.

Name, address, phone number, and email should all be included. A letter or postcard must be sent by certified or registered mail.
Super Bowl ADA Random Drawing, 345 Park Ave., NY 10154.

Check a Resale Site Closer to the Game.

Ticket brokers sell tickets through secondary websites, although individuals can also sell tickets online if they win a lottery but cannot attend the game. If you don’t have season tickets or any links to a sponsor or a team member, this is usually the best alternative.

Ticketmaster’s NFL ticket exchange is one way to buy resale tickets from fans.

Stub Hub, Tick Pick, and Seat Geek are popular resale sites.

Enter Radio and TV Contests.

Local radio and TV stations occasionally receive Super Bowl tickets to raffle off for free. If you hear about one of these prizes, read the rules carefully. The chances of winning are slim, but someone will win, so it’s worth trying!

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