Super Bowl: a period in the lives of many Americans where they come together to enjoy one of their games; a gridiron football. Super Bowl started in 1967 as part of a merger between rival football associations American Football Conference and the National Football Conference.

As part of the merger, it was agreed that the winners of the league’s AFC and NFC will play an end-of-season championship.


Some facts about the Super Bowl

  • The name Super Bowl started in the year 1969.
  • The game was initially known as AFC-NFC World Championship Game.
  • The first stadium to host the championship game is the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
  • The period for Super Bowl has always been either January or February.
  • The Super Bowl uses the Roman numeral to denote its year of play since it started.
  • The only teams to have done a back-to-back win are Green Bay, Miami, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Denver, and New England.
  • The day of the Super Bowl is called Super Bowl Sunday.
  • A ticket for Super Bowl costs averagely almost $5000.00
  • Spots for advertisements during the game are very expensive and can cost almost $5 million.

During the 2021 Super Bowl, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers emerged winners. They won over the Kansas City Chiefs by a 31-9 win difference. It will surprise you to know that it was a host-and-win situation.

This year’s Super Bowl will be held on 13th February and we await to see who emerges victorious.


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