Super Bowl is a game of love and oneness for most Americans. The game started in the year 1967 after a merger from arch football rival AFL and NFL. It will interest you to know that the Super Bowl is the second-most-watched sporting event next to the UEFA  Champions League finals.

At the start of the game in 1967, it was called AFL-NFL World Championship Game. In 1969, the name Super Bowl was adapted. The Super Bowl is played between winners of the various leagues; AFL and NFL. The trophy awarded to the winning team is known as the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Venue for Super Bowl 2022

Ticketing In Super Bowl.

With the weight and attention the Super Bowl comes along with, tickets are quite expensive ranging from $5,000.00 – $40,000.00. Even some tickets require calling and speaking with dedicated salespersons due to their limited number. All tickets although quite expensive come with their benefits.

According to an article by, “Super Bowl tickets price can vary depending on the seating location inside the stadium with the lower levels and seats on the 50-yard line being most expensive.” In general, the closer to the field, the more expensive the seat/ticket.

Tickets of Super Bowl over the Years

Prices for the tickets at times may drop as the game draws nigh. It is always advisable to purchase them at a convenient time rather than waiting for a close-up to the game day/ time.

How and Where to Purchase Super Bowl Ticket 2022?

Super Bowl tickets can only be purchased online from trusted ticketing websites such as ON LOCATION; the Official Hospitality Provider of the NFL, Ticket Smarter; the Official Partner of ESPN Events,;  the world’s largest secondary marketplace for tickets to live events and a number of them.


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