Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer who is the president of Russia, a position he has filled since 2012, and previously from 1999 until 2008.

Putin has been trending on various traditional and online media platforms following his gruesome invasion of Ukraine.

He has started one of the greatest security emergencies in Europe since World War II by attacking Ukraine, with floods of rockets and cannons going with troops as they entered the country from numerous headings.

Putin said he acted to shield regular people in nonconformist areas from Ukraine’s military, however, there was no proof they were under any danger.

The U.S. also European allies had cautioned for a really long time that their knowledge showed Moscow wanted to make a misleading legitimization for war.

Ukraine’s government called Russia’s activities a “full-scale attack” and forced military regulation the nation over. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry asked residents to go to covers, saying the capital, Kyiv, was being focused on.

Putin has said he laments the Soviet Union’s end and clarified that he doesn’t acknowledge Europe’s post-Cold War security architecture.

He has offered a reiteration of grievances about the security dangers to Russia of additional NATO extension and put forth the defense that Ukraine was “completely made” out of the land from the previous Russian empire during the Soviet Union’s formation.

Vladimir Putin: Is The President of Russia a Wicked Man?

As it stands now, many people out are of the view that Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia is a wicked man while a section of others thinks otherwise.

Social media posts across the world suggest that Vladimir Putin has no humanity at heart.

However, taking a cue from a publication by Russian security affairs writer Professor Mark Galeotti, believes age is one factor that makes people think Putin is evil.

According to him, Putin is an old man in a hurry, obsessed with history – although he misunderstands and misinterprets it.

Whenever he is introduced to a historian, he demands to know just one thing: ‘What will be posterity’s epitaph on me?’

Putin wants to be recognized as the one who saved Russia and recovered Ukraine. He feels this is his last opportunity.

With a stale economy and widespread wrongdoing, he realizes Russia looks powerless. His demonstration of power, gathering troops on Ukraine’s boundaries, was intended to repay by imparting dread.

Assuming he was wily, he would have kept them there, trusting that Ukraine’s economy will crumble, without a shot discharged.


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