A handsome newborn boy named Shane Michael Severance was born to Michael Severance and Wendi Mae Davidson, according to reports, soon before the fall of 2004.

It was only a few weeks old when they married in a Texas courthouse before moving into an apartment behind the veterinary clinic of their friend Wendi in San Angelo.

“He was absolutely delighted to be a dad,” says his father, “since he genuinely loved kids,” according to his paternal uncle Frank

Where is Wendi Mae Davidson’s Son Now?

A judge granted joint custody to the two families and demanded that Shane Michael Severance’s visits with his mother be supervised.

Michael’s father, Leslie, had sought sole legal custody of the boy but was ultimately unsuccessful.

For the most part, the Davidsons took on the role of his primary caregivers, and the fathers’ family was able to spend school breaks and alternate Christmases with him in Maine, a situation they eventually learned to embrace despite their disappointment.

His parents were more than just the source of this tragedy, and Shane was exposed to both sides of the family as he grew up.

As of this writing, Shane is a 17-year-old high school senior in San Angelo, Texas, where he lives with his grandmother.

Because he’s a juvenile, he’s still in the care of his maternal grandparents, although Leslie and Frank Severance’s Facebook pages show that he frequently visits them in Maine.


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